About Us 




Ipswich 60 and Better celebrates its 20 anniversary in 2013. The program is funded by the Queensland Government and supported by Ipswich City Council. 60 and Better programs can be found in 22 other locations throughout Queensland from Coolangatta in the South to Thursday Island in the North and Charleville in the west. The program works well because it gives older people choices and opportunities to work together to improve their own health and the health of others.


The much revered Doug O’Connor was our first President, a post he admirably filled for a decade before retiring. Arthur Longston was our 2nd President who served us well for a further two years.

Our current President Ethel Llewellyn kindly stepped into the role after Arthur passed away and has faithfully led the organisation from strength to strength ever since.


Our Program Coordinator Anne Bertram has a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services). Anne’s experience, knowledge and skills go way beyond the call of duty. She has cared for, counselled and guided the organisation and its hundreds of members for the past 16 years. Anne’s Assistant is Brittney McPake who also provides loving care and support to all.


Our office is located on level 1 (we have a lift) in the Humanities Building at 56 South Steet Ipswich. We have use of splendid facilities here and its very much a homely atmosphere in so many respects.


What is it?


60 and Better is a healthy ageing program based on a philosophy of community development, which includes the principles of access, equity, rights and participation. This means working with communities in this case older members of the community to help them identify their physical, social and emotional health needs. It encourages community ownership of the program, with priorities for action determined by the program’s participants. The focus of the program is that it is a program run by older people for older people. In May 1998, the organization became incorporated.


Mission Statement:


To enable older people at a local Community level to participate in decision and activities which affect their health and well-being. Ipswich endeavours to promote healthy activities for older people and encourage positive community attitudes to ageing in the Ipswich area.


When and Where?


Ipswich 60 and Better Program Inc. is managed by a committee made up of eleven older people from the Ipswich community. The committee meet monthly. A general meeting is usually held in February and September (AGM) – at these meetings a guest speaker is always invited. This meeting is held to encourage people’s participation in the program. We have social gatherings in May and November for members to meet and greet each other. A part-time coordinator and a part-time office assistant are employed by the management committee. The office of 60 and Better is located on the 1st floor of the Humanities Building. Office Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday and Tuesday, 9am to 12 noon Wednesday and if there is a volunteer available Friday from 9 to 2.30pm. Unfortunately there are times when the office can not be attended so it is always good to telephone first.




People 50 years of age and older are invited to become members of the program. Anyone can participate in the 60 and Better activities however, people involved in the program are encouraged to become members. Membership is $15 (including GST) and entitles the person to vote on organisational matters. If you wish to become a member a membership form is to be completed and returned to the 60 and Better office.




An informative monthly newsletter is published. Members will have a newsletter mailed to them or pick one up from the various vantage points around Ipswich eg: Ipswich Library, Community Health, Friendly Care, Heritage Building Society Ipswich branch, Tourist Information Centre, McMahon’s Swim Factory, Humanities Building. Newsletters are also available in enlarged print or an Audio CD (by request).


All we need now is YOU!  Phone 07 3282 8644 and become a member today.